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Update 4-16-13

If there is anything on the site that you might be interested in, please send an e-mail to justin@edgerc.com and we will let you know what might be available, or we can do a custom order for you.  Currently we are working on new product, and refinement of existing aircraft, but would still like to offer anything that you might want. 

If you have a need for custom CNC cut wing cores, a project in mind that may need some specialized composite fabrication, or you need a full custom built aircraft, we will be happy to assist with, or produce what you need.  We have been doing a lot of custom orders as of late, and would like to help with your project.  Please e-mail, or if you need to, you can call or text 785-324-1526 during normal business hours (central time zone).  If calling, please note that I may not always be available to answer the phone if I am working on a process that is time critical, so please leave a message if I am unable to answer the phone.  I try to limit my time on the phone as it can and does impede production, and those of you who know me, know that I love to talk aircraft.  Not always the most productive activity if you know what I mean.

E-mail: justin@edgerc.com
Call or Text: 785-324-1526 (central time zone)

Thank you,
Justin Ammon and Family


Update 12-25-12
We have added a new page for the Monitor UAV/FPV airframe pictured below in the previous update.
Please take a few minutes and check it out.  If you are looking to advance your capabilities, or simply 'Move on' to something that is not a modified foam toy, this is your ticket.  We will customize the aircraft to meet the end users requirements at no charge, and we offer a 6 month limited warranty on the airframe.  First, we will do modifications to the airframe to facilitate your specific payload or equipment including installation of that equipment free for the first 6 months.  Additionally we will repair, for free, normal use wear and tear and accidental damage that is not the result of a major crash.  Just simply cover the shipping cost both directions.  Repairs and modifications after 6 months will be at a very reasonable rate.  Click Here for more info.

Update 12-22-12
We are offering a new Ready to Fly UAV/FPV Composite airframe for sale.  Pictures below.
  No guidance system.  Monitor UAV/FPV Price $1,999.95
Here is a video of a test flight of the Monitor UAV airframe.  This flight was under manual control, and was filmed during the testing process.  We have clipped out footage of the aircraft when it was too far away to be useful, or simply repetitive footage.
Click on the link to view.  If you encounter any problems viewing the video, you may want to right click on the link and select 'Save Target As'.  This is a large file, about 70Mb.  EdgeRC Monitor UAV flight test.  Click Here for more info.
Please e-mail justin@edgerc.com for more info.

Update 12-22-12
FREE SHIPPING!!!!! on Tornado ODR Fuselages  until further notice!  This has been popular, and we have decided to continue the offer.


Update 11-15-12
Tornado ODR Fuselages Now Available!

Pictured below are 4 Tornado One Design Racer fuselages that are ready for immediate shipment.
2 fuselages are Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber with no paint.
1 fuselage is Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber done with red epoxy and no paint.
1 fuselage is Kevlar/Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass and is yellow with no paint.

Also pictured is the Tornado ODR flown by my son Darren in 2011 at the Mid-West Slope Challenge where he competed with the adults and took 2nd place at only 10 years of age.  His fuselage is the same as those that are ready for shipment, but was done in full Carbon Fiber.  We removed the tail pylon to accommodate a V-Tail.  It is an easy modification for those that wish to do it.

Some items to note about the current Tornado fuselage design include:
1-No canopy or slip-on nose cone for strength and simplicity.  Simply install your battery wrapped in foam into the nose via the opening you will cut in the wing saddle area.
2-The elevator servo is normally installed near the rear of the wing saddle area and the receiver placed where convenient.  Aileron servos (2) are installed in the wings.
3-The tail pylon is intended to be universal for any type of configuration you may want.  We have mounted every type of tail to it and as pictured below, even cut it off for a lower profile install.

Sold!!!  Unpainted Glass/Carbon Tornado Fuselage $64.95 + FREE Shipping in the lower 48 state  Sold!!!

Sold!!! RED Glass/Carbon Tornado Fuselage $64.95  + FREE Shipping in the lower 48 states  Sold!!!

   Sold!!! Kevlar/Carbon Tornado Fuselage $99.95  + FREE Shipping in the lower 48 states  Sold!!!


If you have any questions or need any modifications before ordering, please send an e-mail to justin@edgerc.com

I am trying to keep my phone time to a minimum so I can keep the product flowing and develop new product, but if you need to talk directly, let us know by email and we will send you the number.

If your order is placed by 3:00 PM Central Time M-F we can normally ship the same day.

Update 11-13-2012

EdgeRC is coming back on-line.  After a terrible event that should never be experienced by anyone, my family and I have decided to restart EdgeRC with a new plan and some new products after nearly 4 years.  Currently our plans do not include production of our past EPP product line.  New variants of the foam aircraft may reappear in the future as high-performance composite models if and when time permits.

The first product we will be offering as we start back up will be a One Design Racer (ODR) composite molded fuselage of the Tornado ODR.  This ODR was flown to a 2nd place finish at the Mid-West Slope Challenge in 2011 by my then 10yo son Darren.  There was no youth class.  In the next few days, we will be listing several fuselages that are ready to ship.  Included are standard raw carbon/glass versions with no paint, A full Kevlar/carbon version also no paint, and some with various colors of epoxy. 

We will not be taking preorders for any products.  They will be listed for sale only when they are ready to ship.  I may run a waiting list, but nothing will be sold before we have the product ready to go out the door.

Keep checking back as we will update when the product is ready.  If you have a request for a specific product, please let us know with an e-mail, and we will see if we can accommodate the request.


Thank you,

Justin, Lisa, Steven, Darren, Corben, and Savannah


EdgeRC is proud to have completed several UAV Development projects with great success, and is currently working on additional projects.  These include "Rugged" airframes such as the Locust UAV/MAV developed for military applications as well as all composite airframes for Law-enforcement and Search and Rescue.

An example of our custom prototyping, airframe development and production capabilities.
An all composite (Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass) 60-inch plus span UAV/UAS.   Extreme loiter duration and range.  Huge payload and systems flexibility.  Hand launch or catapult assist.  Breaks down to fit into 24x24x12-inch package  More pictures here.

The Locust UAV/MAV

Rugged airframe developed for the US Army.
EPP foam construction, man pack-able, single solider operation.
Sub 18-inch span.


Tropical Storm
Now featuring a Hollow Molded Fin as well as a Slip-On Nose Cone
Possibly the BEST all composite micro-flying wing (plank) Sloper EVER made.
28-inch span, 8-11ounce flying weight, Carbon Fiber/Kevlar/Fiberglass construction.
Follow the links at the top or bottom of the page for more information, or simply click on the picture. Videos Here: Tropical Storm info and videos

The Perfect Micro Slope Racer.

Devastator DTV.

 Worlds Fastest Chevron Slope Wing!!!!
Parker, CA. 9-23-06

 48" Slope Wing (EPP)


All composite Vacuum Bagged wing and all composite molded fuselage.
3.5oz AUW and tough enough to handle the strongest of DLG throws!!!
Now with a 32-inch and 40-inch wing option and Flaperons too!

The Mini Bird of Prey


The Pocket-250 is Discontinued

EPP kit

Bird of Prey (BOP)


Pocket Combat Wing (PCW)


Pocket Combat Twin (PCT)



email: Support@EdgeRC.com


===NEW Monitor UAV/FPV===
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